About Choizya

Choizya (pronounced "Choi-zee_ya") is the trusted expert in Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) shielding and a passionate advocator of raising public awareness of EMR and its potential adverse health effects. We help you and your family reduce your exposure to harmful man-made EMR emitted by electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, WiFis, laptops and Smart TV. 

We aim to make our wireless world a safer place to live, work and play in. 

We do our part in safeguarding our world by raising awareness of potential electromagnetic radiation risks and providing shielding solutions for homes and organisations.

Our Story

Established in 2016 by Founder Max Chua, Choizya (pronounced "Choi-zee_ya") specialises in Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) shielding solutions that protect you and your family against potential EMR risks. 

EMR is an inevitable by-product of our technologically driven world and a significant polluting element in our environment. Increased exposure to man-made EMR has been shown to cause health problems such as insomnia, skin issues, fertility issues, oxidative stress and DNA fragmentation. According to the World Health Organisation, wireless radiation emitted from wireless devices, equipment and mobile phone towers can potentially cause cancer. As it is invisible and insensible, it is all the more dangerous since we can't detect the harm that it may be causing.

While wireless technology, and hence, wireless radiation, is increasingly prevalent, we can do something to protect ourselves. At Choizya, we offer EMR assessment consultancy as well as innovative and flexible shielding solutions that safeguard you and your family against potential EMR harm. Our consultancy includes professional surveying and auditing of your home or other premises to identify radiation sources and measure electromagnetic field (EMF) readings. We also work with industry-leading suppliers to provide you with home products such as EMF Protection paints, shielding films, curtains and drapes as well as personal items such as maternity belly bands, radiation-free earphones and phone radiation protection cases.

Driven by a passion for building a safer and sustainable future, our team has acquired sound knowledge on EMF radiation risks and optimal solution deployment. Our local and international clients consist mainly of home or business owners who are looking to shield themselves and their loved ones or employees from internal and external wireless radiations.

EMF Safety certified for Health & Safety in Homes, Workplace & Products  - Assessment available 
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