1) Wireless Radiation/EMF Assessment for Homes & Organisations

Choizya offers a wide range of professional consulting services for EMF (Electromagnetic Field) and EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). Choizya is certified for full EMF surveying, and full consulting services. Once we have performed our initial survey of your home or organisation, we will make recommendations on how to minimize the EMF level.  

Choizya provide EMF assessments for residential homes, commercial and special industries (e.g. Defense & Telecommunication). 

We check for the following:

ELF & VLF testing - High voltage power lines, transformers, household wiring, electrical appliances, wiring & cables, computers, battery power, solar power, wind power, energy saving devices, dirty electricity.

RF/Microwave testing - Wireless transmitting/receiving devices/equipment from internal and external sources (cell phone towers/antennas, mobile phone, routers, baby monitors, cordless phone, bluetooth enabled devices, GPS etc.)