Testimonials from customers

Ms Lien Ton Nu - Max is extremely knowledgeable and professional.  I was having a lot of health issues, some no doubt caused by two large cell towers pointing directly into my master bedroom and ensuite.  I was having itchiness in my head, tremors, and shakiness.  Max measured the EMF readings in all of my unit, particularly in my master bedroom where the readings were highest.  He installed curtains in my windows as well as on my wall, facing directly the cell towers.  He also made a piece of fabric for me to cover myself when I surf the internet.  He taught me the best way to insulate myself from the harmful EMF.   Max also helped to install my wifi, which was a lot less damaging than mobile hotspot (the latter I didn't realise was so harmful).  Since these were installed, my symptoms improved tremendously, particularly my head itchiness.  I will be engaging Max to install the film on my ensuite windows.  He's always extremely helpful and responsive.  I highly recommend Max if you have EMF issues or if you have some unknown health issues (which could very well be caused by EMF in your home/office).

Lim Bing Yao - I was reading about the effects of emf exposure and realise that there were actually quite a few cell transmitters surrounding my unit. As I was staying at the top floor, I become quite concern about the emf exposure and decided to contact Choizya. It did not take long for Max to reply to my enquiry. We had a chat over a call and he immediately decided on a systematic plan forward. The next week, he came down to the unit and personally took the readings at different locations and clearly explaining to me the different emf exposure limits. He was thorough in his approach even considering cost and feasibility of different solutions before proposing to me. We swiftly decided on the measures. During the installation of the curtains and films as well as the painting of the walls, Max was constantly in touch with me updating me on the schedule and supervising his workers to ensure that the job was properly done. Finally, we did a base level check of the emf levels in the house and to my relief the measures worked as he promised, the levels were brought down to a safer level. The entire process was highly professional and I am thankful for his dedication to his work. I highly recommend Choizya and Max if you are looking to create a healthy and safe living environment for you and your family.

Marieke Vandecasteele - Living in a healthy home is so important. For me it is essential to protect my young children from EMF where possible. I met Max when he came to our house a few years ago to asses EMF levels. It all makes perfect sense to me. With a few easy tips our home was made safe. Ever since I always go back to Max with my concerns regarding EMF. He is always willing to help, anytime. He helped my young daughter, who has hearing issues and needs to wear hearing aids. Modern hearing aids comes with build in Bluetooth, emitting high EMF pulses, so close to the brain. I was so worried. We decided to go for an older model that doesn’t have Bluetooth inside. The EMF readings were a lot better compared to a device with Bluetooth. The quality of the hearing aids are perfect without it. I am ever so grateful for Max’ help!

Ramona Max was knowledgeable and patient from before the Appointment, during the assessment and even after it. Very appreciative I would not hesitate to recommend him and his services//products!!

Joann - I met Max over half a year ago when he came over to my house to check the EMF levels. As a former engineer, he was very methodical in his check - using an EMF meter to measure the EMF all around the house. When he was outside the house he noted that the EMF levels were quite high (about 3,000+) and found three EMF towers on the rooftops of nearby condos. He then proceeded to test the rest of the house and found that the rooms facing the towers had a high EMF - 2-3000+. Max then proposed to either use a window film or a curtain - both 99% effective in shielding EMF. I chose a window film and Max arranged installation the following week. Max was at the installation to test the EMF with his meter before and after the installation as proof of effectiveness. The EMF in my bedroom reduced from 2-3,000+ to under 100 after installation. Throughout the process, I found Max to be professional, knowledgeable and truly passionate about health and EMF. His passion is science based and based on his own self-experience with EMF.

Jennifer Koh - I was experiencing vertigo, insomnia, persistent fatigue and weakness in my body. Went online to research and found out that it could be triggered by EMFs. Max came down to do an assessment of our previous home and we realize that radiation levels were pretty high. I did some DIY shielding on my own with aluminum foil but we can't be keeping our windows closed all the time. Subsequently we decided to move house and bought EMF meters from Max for our house hunting. We moved to an opposite bigger unit with much lower EMF levels than our previous home. Planned electrical wiring to be away from direct sleeping area as well as areas we often hang around, also shut down WiFi permanently. Got shielding paint and curtains from Max for our master bedroom and also painted over some electrical casing. Health gradually improved coupled with supplements and exercise. Thank you, Max, for playing such an important role in my personal health journey. :)

Garrett Weiner - "I was experiencing buzzing-like sensations and headaches in my bedroom and not sleeping well.  Max advised that it could be dirty electricity and sure enough, when I measured it, that's exactly what it was.  He then set me up with some filters to reduce the dirty electricity, which did so by more than 90%!  Since then, I've felt much more comfortable - no headaches or buzzing sensations and I sleep so well."  

Sulwen Yeo - I would like to thank Max for his generosity in sharing his knowledge about EMF radiation, which is a constant threat to our well-being in this age of ubiquitous wireless technology. He has patiently answered all my questions and guided me in using simple ways to protect my loved ones from radiation damage. I highly recommend Max's services to anyone who is finally awake from their state of denial and wish to be proactive in taking care of their own well-being, instead of waiting for authorities to do so.

H.A - As a mother of an 9 year old child diagnosed with ASD/PANDAS/Lyme/HM and mold toxicity, I have knocked the doors of so many different interventions, including diets, therapies, and biomedical treatments and have been to numerous doctors in hopes to help heal him. My naturopath specialist told me to research the dangers of EMF and dirty electricity. I’ve always thought avoidance of EMF would be impossible in Singapore since it’s everywhere! But I found Choizya. I called Max and he was nice enough to come to my apartment with all his professional measuring meters. He explained to me that since we stay more than 12 hours a day at home we can minimize the exposure to EMF and its dangers, as well as during sleep so our bodies can regenerate and heal from EMF. Max is very professional, knows his stuff, and explains well. He tested around the whole apartment and gave me excellent solutions that were easy to apply.
Now I feel more comfortable in my own home protecting my children and myself as well, since EMF causes early dementia and causes mold to multiply at an accelerated rate of 600%! My child is now more calm, learns faster, and is generally happier. I never hesitate to call Max for any EMF questions as I know he will have the answer and he’s always happy to help me out at any time.

Phang Soon Fatt Yesterday my wife and I felt a headache at home. Both kept quiet till today. I measured the emf field with your meter. It was RED!!!  My neighbors probably just placed a router the other side of the wall. We just finished reorganizing our living room. Thanks for the awareness you raised and the gadget. I am really grateful for your sharing. Was telling my wife if not for you, we will be wondering what’s wrong with us. And turning in circles.

Bianca Amin - Thank you Choizya. We are delighted with the master bedroom EMF shielding curtains in particular. We had the best nights sleep last night. The EMF shielding canopy is lovely and we installed a hoop in the ties. I have put battery operated fairy lights around the top and inside of the canopy and I close it fully.

Rose P. - We are indebted to your great knowledge and patience and practical solutions to our family home, with a toddler and a baby and me having a sensitivity to EMR we benefited greatly from your assessment of our home and sleeping zones. We would have never realized the radiation given off by our air purifiers or baby monitor had you not come and assessed our home, since making the changes you suggested we have all been able to sleep better at night, particularly me feeling safe that my family and home are sufficiently protected. I urge everyone to learn more about this subject that has been swept under the carpet and presents risks of which we cannot yet forecast the full severity. Can you send me a link to your website if you have one as I am passing your details to my GP, as she was puzzled with my symptoms and I want to let her know the cause. She didn't know why I was having tingling sensations, I saw lots of specialists, it turns out it's the sensitivity to EMR, I just wanted to tell her about it as none of the specialist I saw ever suggested it as a possible cause as I don't think there is enough awareness, so I will email all the doctors I saw and tell them and pass on your details in case they want to know more.

Jasmin Du Toit - Thank you Max for your excellent help and service. Your knowledge and expertise in the area of EMF sensitivity and radiation was truly appreciated. Thank you for allowing me to share my story and offering valuable and practical solutions to the challenges I face. I can honestly say that I was so impressed with your service and can confidently recommend it to anyone suffering from the effects of EMF radiation.

Rebecca Love - This was a good evening and Max is really knowledgeable on the subject of wireless devices and your health. Its a subject that gets forgotten but its very likely a factor in most health problem today. Its obvious he has done a lot of research and his aim is to share this knowledge to help people protect themselves and their families health long term. He also gives practical advice on ways to use our mobile/wifi devices to protect our health and reduce our exposure risk. The presentation also spent some time on how EMF affects our health with broad span of some of the research that is out there. Its quite scary the amount of time we all spend around wireless devices (Router, phone masts on top of building, mobile phone , laptop, tablets, smart watches, bluetooth headsets/speakers, cordless phone, etc)  and we have no idea the damage its doing to our health. I think this is a really good meetup group and its great that someone cares enough to share this information.   

Yvonne Juhadi - Max is earnest and experienced in his field of work. He tries to make sure that whatever he recommends, it can be incorporated easily. Very helpful and knowledgeable. He goes the extra mile to help.
Olively Services - I've learned so much from Max from Choizya Pte Ltd, on how to live a more healthy life with minimal impact from radiation. I now use a LAN cable to wire down my laptop during online sessions. I've also switched to using a wired printer rather than a wireless one. I've also changed from using induction cookers to a gas cooker. I will highly recommend this company for their services.

Roger Foo - Eye opener... very well researched with valuable supporting documents and reports. Public awareness is still lacking in spite of forewarning from relevant authorities. Children are most vulnerable therefore schools educators has to be taught on the prevention on harmful effects of radiation emission from wireless communications devices.   

Chloe Neo - Thank you for sharing Max. Good presentation with supporting data. hope your products reach a bigger group of audience. All the best. Very impressed with the EMF shielding cloth.