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Testimonials from customers

Phang Soon Fatt Yesterday my wife and I felt a headache at home. Both kept quiet till today. I measured the emf field with your meter. It was RED!!!  My neighbours probably just placed a router the other side of the wall. We just finished reorganizing our living room. Thanks for the awareness you raised and the gadget. I am really grateful for your sharing. Was telling my wife if not for you, we will be wondering what’s wrong with us. And turning in circles.

Bianca Amin - Thank you Choizya. We are delighted with the master bedroom curtains in particular. We had the best nights sleep last night. The canopy is lovely and we installed a hoop in the ties. I have put battery operated fairy lights around the top and inside of the canopy and I close it fully.  

Rose P. - We are indebted to your great knowledge and patience and practical solutions to our family home, with a toddler and a baby and me having a sensitivity to EMR we benefitted greatly from your assessment of our home and sleeping zones. We would have never realised the radiation given off by our air purifiers or baby monitor had you not come and assessed our home, since making the changes you suggested we have all been able to sleep better at night, particularly me feeling safe that my family and home are sufficiently protected. I urge everyone to learn more about this subject that has been swept under the carpet and presents risks of which we cannot yet forecast the full severity. Can you send me a link to your website if you have one as I am passing your details to my GP, as she was puzzled with my symptoms and I want to let her know the cause. She didn't know why I was having tingling sensations, I saw lots of specialists, it turns out it's the sensitivity to EMR, I just wanted to tell her about it as none of the specialist I saw ever suggested it as a possible cause as I don't think there is enough awareness, so I will email all the doctors I saw and tell them and pass on your details in case they want to know more. 

Jasmin Du Toit - Thank you Max for your excellent help and service. Your knowledge and expertise in the area of EMF sensitivity and radiation was truly appreciated. Thank you for allowing me to share my story and offering valuable and practical solutions to the challenges I face. I can honestly say that I was so impressed with your service and can confidently recommend it to anyone suffering from the effects of EMF radiation.

Rebecca Love - This was a good evening and Max is really knowledgeable on the subject of wireless devices and your health. Its a subject that gets forgotten but its very likely a factor in most health problem today. Its obvious he has done a lot of research and his aim is to share this knowledge to help people protect themselves and their families health long term. He also gives practical advice on ways to use our mobile/wifi devices to protect our health and reduce our exposure risk. The presentation also spent some time on how EMF affects our health with broad span of some of the research that is out there. Its quite scary the amount of time we all spend around wireless devices (Router, phone masts on top of building, mobile phone , laptop, tablets, smart watches, bluetooth headsets/speakers, cordless phone, etc)  and we have no idea the damage its doing to our health. I think this is a really good meetup group and its great that someone cares enough to share this information.   

Joanna Yong - This is a meet up group worth going as it is very educational and packed with information on dangers of EMF radiation/pollution that is all around us but which we cannot sense and how we can protect ourselves from it. Max, the presenter and organizer has shown he is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject, including videos and lots of pictures in the presentation, including on the spot experiments / practical examples on how we can protect EMF and how to protect ourselves and our children from it. Max also started this meet up to share with others how his own health ad well-being has benefited from such awareness and protection. With all the seamless wifi, wireless devices, gadgets, connectivity proliferating ad becoming part of our lives, living with it is almost inevitable so being aware of it and getting ourselves protected is key. I have learnt much from this meet up. Thanks Max from Choizya.        

Roger Foo - Eye opener... very well researched with valuable supporting documents and reports. Public awareness is still lacking in spite of forewarning from relevant authorities. Children are most vulnerable therefore schools educators has to be taught on the preventions on harmful effects of radiation emission from wireless communications devices.   

Chloe Neo - Thank you for sharing Max. Good presentation with supporting data. hope your products reach a bigger group of audience. All the best. Very impressed with the silver cloth.

Tan62 -  Thanks a lot to Max. It was a very comprehensive presenation. Max has did a lot of research. I like the EMF meter demo.....btw you can find some simple EMF meter app in app store.