3) EMR Meters (Non-Ionizing Radiation)

Highly precise and simple to use microwave/wireless, VLF/ELF, and dirty electricity detectors from the United Kingdom. Comes with 2 years international warranty.The first step in addressing the potential health risk that comes from EMR is the ability to identify where it is coming from. With new 5G towers/antennas being built every day, and dramatically increasing the amount of EMR you are exposed to, it is vital to know where these sources of EMR are located. We offer several Non-Ionizing Radiation Detectors, also known as EMR Meters. These meters allow you to identify all sources of wireless radiation in your home, or office, as well as locate which parts of your home and office are most impacted by wireless radiation coming from local cell phone towers, or other EMR sources. Once you have identified the sources of EMR in your home, simple changes to your environment can have large health benefits.

Studies show the amount of wireless radiation you will absorb into your body significantly decreases with distance from wireless devices. You can decrease your exposure by setting necessary devices up in areas where you do not spend much time or as far away from you as possible. At work, you can position your desk as far away from EMR sources as possible. Our EMR meters allow you to become more aware of the various emitting sources in your surroundings, and thereby  maximize the amount of distance from as many of them as possible.