2) 5G-Ready Wireless Radiation/EMF Shielding Solution - Fabric, Film & Paint

At Choizya, we offer a wide variety of products designed to block Electromagnetic Radiation.  The technology to block wireless radiation has been in use in various industries for decades. Now that cell phone towers/antennas are becoming more and more prevalent, especially in the world of 5G, these technologies are being used to protect people, and their families. For wireless radiation, any metallic element can be used to shield you against it, such as when you place your phone in a metal box all signals will be cut off. This is why stepping into an elevator is so disruptive to cell phone signals.  Products made with special engineered metallic elements such as EMF blocking paint, shielding fabrics for curtains, blankets, canopies, EMF shielding windows, or body blankets can work to directly reduce your exposure to harmful radiation. 

For those who may be remodeling their home, we offer high-quality EMF shielding paint for your walls, as well as films and fabrics for your windows. This can be of primary importance if your home is near cell phone towers/antennas, high wireless gadget usage neighbors, power substations, or power overhead lines. These upgrades can be especially important if you are pregnant or renovating a room for newborns, young children or aged parents, as they are the most vulnerable group to be affected by the negative health effects of wireless radiation among the general population