5G-Ready Anti-Radiation Shielding Bed Canopy - Less radiation by 99.99% - Swiss Engineering

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EMF shielding canopy capable of shielding against EMF sources ( wifi, bluetooth, mobile phone signals, GPS and low frequency electric field ) from inside and outside your living area. The demonstration show the microwave meter showing as low as average power density of 1uW/m2 and peak electric field of 0.06V/m which is well below the 10uW/m2 safe sleeping level. This test is done even without the shielding mat. The same fabric can also make into curtains, bed covers, blankets and even scarfs.

EMF shielding fabric can also helps to protect against mosquito. Delivery time takes around 2 weeks (canopy comes with one entrance as standard, can request for 2 entrance). Customize baby cot canopy is also available, ask for the price 

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