Unknown facts about mobile phone or wireless radiation

  1. World Health Organization (WHO) declared radio frequency radiation (Mobile / Wireless radiation) a Group 2B (possible) Human Carcinogen in May 2011. ( Group 2B - same as DDT - pesticide, chloroform, Car engine exhaust, lead)
  2. Many major mobile/wireless devices manufactures actually advise users to use the phone at a distance (between 15mm to 25mm) away from body at all times and this can be found among the fine print inside the manual
  3. There are no national or international “standards” for safe levels of the radiation emitted by wireless or microwave devices. Only guidelines” developed by industry based on 3 decades old research. Guidelines have a much lower certainty than a “standard” as proper long term safety testing was not done to ensure the public was protected from all possible harm. ( Agencies that developed the guidelines - FCC,ANSI, IEEE, ICNIRP)
  4. In fact, no “safe” level has been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women. Therefore, the claim that a device “meets government standards” or that radiation levels are “FCC compliant” gives a false impression of safety
  5. Research repeatedly indicates that the radiation penetrates deeper into children’s smaller bodies and brains. The current FCC exposure limits did not consider the higher energy absorption in fetuses, children and women. The effects on sensitive and soft tissues like eyes, testes, breast are most easily affected.
  6. The harmful effects of over exposure to this form of radiation will surface only years later just like cigarettes and asbestos. The proliferation of wireless technology will inevitability hasten the adverse progress on health. (Known disorder includes - diabetes, ADHD, Cancer (Brain and blood), Miscarriage, learning difficulties, Hypersensitivity to Electromagnetic Field (EMF), increase in allergies and allergy symptoms, long-term DNA fragmentation, reducing the efficacy of certain drugs, behavioural changes, birth defects, memory loss, and alzheimer's disease, infertility, melatonin level disruption) 
  7. Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted from mobile phones and wireless gadgets (Tablets/Router/Wifi/Bluetooth/Baby monitor/Cordless phones) are not detectable by our 5 senses, only possible with the use of an microwave radiation detection instrument  
  8. There are simple ways to reduce the exposure to EMR and there are also products available to effectively reduce the radiation to as much as 95% to 99% (eg. Airtube earphone, Shielding fabrics)
  9. Human bodies have the ability to self heal and it happens during a good quality sleep in the dark (Melatonin). Studies have shown that EMR can disrupt the melatonin secretion levels and this affects humans self healing abilities (Babies has the highest melatonin level and decrease as we age)
  10. Countries like Sweden, Italy, Canada, Austria, China, India, France and many more have implemented measures to protect its citizen against EMR. (eg. Ban Wifi in School). Even Singapore governmental body NEA caution the use of mobile/wireless devices
  11. Insurance company in England (Lloyds of London)and Switzerland (Swiss Re) excluded coverage from RF/EMR claims