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YSHIELD® Shielding Solution - Window Film (RDF72 | HF | Price in meter length)

$180.00 SGD

Precious- Metal coated and self-adhesive film for shielding of windows and glass surfaces from high frequencies radiation (HF). Exclusive for indoor application on non-heat-absorbing glass. Only recommended when radiation low. 30dB attenuation, 72% light transmission. Premium-film consisting of 12 metal layers for highest demand.

Technical data
●● Width: 76 cm (possible option for 152 cm)
●● Length: By the meter, roll with 30 m
●● Attenuation: RDF72 = 30 dB
●● Material thickness: RDF72 = 75 μm
●● Mounting: Water-activated, pressure-sensitive adhesive

Change the quantity value in the selection tap to get the required meter length  

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