5G-Ready Shielding Paint

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EMF Shielding Paint. 

Shielding paint for shielding high-frequency radiation (HF) and low-frequency electric fields (LF). Breathable, solvent-free, plasticizer-free and low-emission.

Standard paint with the best all-round properties – one paint suitable for everything. Up to 90 dB at 40 GHz. TÜV-SÜD certified. Extremely high shielding in all situations. Suitable for very difficult substrates due to its high adhesive tensile strength. This paint is very finely pigmented, very easy to process and forms a finely blended hard film. 

Screening attenuation

At a yield of 4 sqm/l:
At 1 GHz: Single layer 44 dB | Double layer 53 dB | Three layer 60 dB
At a yield of 8 sqm/l:
At 1 GHz: Single layer 39 dB | Double layer 46 dB | Three layer 51 dB


* For Turtal Brand  

● Without chemical preservatives and also without chemical additives  
● Powder has unlimited shelf life
● 5G Shielding Paint - Shields over 60dB at 40GHz
● Available in Powder or liquid format
● Solvent free
● Using new innovative graphene technology 


Interior and exterior: Excellent adhesion on almost all undergrounds like existing emulsion paints, sheetrock, wallpaper, cement, plaster, masonry, wood, etc.


Must be grounded! We recommend interior the grounding conductive tape