Wireless Radiation Assessment for Homes

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Residential EMF Survey

For residential clients, We check for the following:

ELF & VLF testing - High voltage power lines, transformers, substations, dirty electricity testing, household wiring, electrical appliances, wiring & cables, computers, battery power, solar power, wind power, energy-saving devices, dimmer light switches, CFL light bulbs. 

RF/Microwave testing - Wireless transmitting/receiving devices (cell phone towers, mobile phone, routers, baby monitors, cordless phone, Bluetooth enabled devices, Radars, Smart meters, GPS etc.)

We will propose solution to reduce your EMR/F exposure using best in class shielding  methods as well as providing option for switching between wireless and wired connections for WIFI enabled devices (Ethernet/LAN solution) 

EMF assessment certified for Health & Safety in Homes, Workplace & Products. Wireless radiation evaluation is available in Singapore and it is chargeable base on per location and size of the compound. Area greater than 7000 sq feet please use the contact us here for quoteFor Malaysia or other countries, kindly contact us here instead (we also offer consultant over Zoom for overseas clients). Solution on how to reduce the radiation level will be offered.