Gigahertz Solutions LF ANALYSER ME3830B

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A very good field strength meter on the market for the serious measurement of EMF/LF electrosmog caused by household power supply and appliances, high-voltage power lines, electric rail etc.Basis for mitigation and a control of their effectiveness.

Frequency range: 16 Hz - 100 KHz (compensated, better than -2 dB)

Even this starter device meets the high quality standards and common advantages of whole series:

  • The reading shows the total pollution directly in the entity corresponding to the building biology standard values - without any calculation required.
  • The "Geiger counter effect" helps to identify areas of increased LF stress.
  • The included detailed measurement instruction enables the user to perform relevant measurements of EMF – even without technical expertise. With the help of this instrument you can spot - even obscured - sources of LF pollution.
  • Also the manual includes the recommendations for limiting values according to the standard of building biology SBM, which allow for a meaningful assessment of the personal level of EMF pollution.
  • Many patents have been granted to us, the devices have ten thousand fold proven their reliability, and have shown to be leading-edge in their price categories.
  • Includes the full frequency response required by the building biology measurement technology standard: 16 Hz to 100 kHz. And that - unique in this price range - fully compensated for falsification-free results.
  • In this way, the ARTIFICIAL harmonics are also recorded ("Dirty Power"), for example. of LED and fluorescent lamps, of switching power supplies of electronic devices that are almost ubiquitous in the home and office, including dimmers and entertainment electronics.

Some important technical details:

  • The measured values ​​are displayed reliably and directly in the units of the building biology precautionary values. Without any calculations being necessary.
  • The "Geiger counter effect" helps to find areas with increased stress.
  • Detailed measuring instructions with limit values ​​- enables even technical laypeople to reliably assess the personal stress situation.
  • All of our electrosmog measuring devices are also patented many times, tried and tested thousands of times around the world and, in terms of measurement technology, trend-setting in their price class.
  • It measures magnetic AND electric fields on the basis of recognized measuring methods and with high sensitivity (display resolution: 1 nanotesla or 1 V / m).
  • The device is fully frequency-compensated, ie not only the 50 Hz network frequency (e.g. high-voltage lines), but also the 16.7 Hz of the overhead traction power lines and their natural harmonics are reproduced unadulterated.

Technical specifications

Frequency range: 16 Hz - 100 KHz (compensated, better than -2 dB).
Measuring range: Magnetic flux density (one-dimensional): 1 - 1999 nT
Electric field strength: 1 - 1999 V / m
Accuracy: +/- 2%, +/- 14 digits @ 50/60 Hz
Sensor: E-field sensor for electrical LF alternating fields
H-field sensor for magnetic LF alternating fields (one-dimensional)
Audio analysis: Field strength proportional sound signal (with "Geiger counter effect", switchable)
Signal evaluation: RMS
Power supply: 9-volt E-block
alkaline manganese battery (included in delivery), average operating time: 24 to 36 hours (depending on the operating mode), low-battery indicator,
auto-power-off function



Scope of Supply
Measuring device
Grounding cable
Alkaline manganese battery
Detailed operating instructions with neutral background information
Two-year full warranty