Red Mobile Phone Radiation & Credit Card Information Theft Protection Case (87% less radiation)

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The EMF shielding mobile phone case will block 87% of mobile phone radiation from reaching your body. Proven and independently tested to cut mobile phone radiation by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) in 2014. It’s easy to use and will work with almost all makes and models of mobile phone. 

Mobile phones use an electromagnetic field that produces radiation in order to work, it powers everything that allows your phone to communicate with the network. This keeps happening even when you aren’t actively using the phone and are just carrying it around. We keep our phones close but that also means keeping ourselves within their electromagnetic field and subject to radiation. Mobile radiation has been found to cause cancer, tumours and male infertility.

Plus, get protection for your bank cards too. This phone case has a handy section for your bank and other cards. It’s RFID-protected and will block scammers or hackers from scanning your cards and stealing your data.

Sewn into the lining on one side of the phone case is a metallic fabric that can block mobile phone radiation. The radiation is directed away from the body by the metallic fibres, avoiding all the bad effects of mobile phone radiation like cancer and male infertility. Because the fabric is only on one side the phone still receives data and works as normal. It’s all hidden away so the phone case looks like a normal stylish phone case but with the hidden power to keep you safe from mobile phone radiation.

LARGE: 160mm (Length) x 77mm (Width) (eg. Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung Galaxy S8,  Samsung Galaxy Note 3/4, iPhone XR, iPhone 6/6S Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhoneX max, Moto G4 and more!)

SMALL: 144mm (Length) x 70mm (Width) (eg. iPhone 5/5S/5C/SE, iPhone X, 6/6S, iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S10e,  Samsung Galaxy S4 and more!)

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