Wireless Radiation Assessment/Survey

Do you know if you are living near any cell phone towers that are potentially harmful for health in many ways and World Health Organisation classified radio frequency radiation as potential human carcinogen on 31 May 2011? 



Cell Tower Map

 Find out more by watching this Cellmapper video!

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Take our assessment below to find out if you are at higher risk of wireless radiation exposure.

If you scored:

20-30 points - You may be at higher risk of the negative effects associated with high wireless radiation exposure. You are constantly in contact with the silent killer - EMF radiation - and could be experiencing symptoms like body aches, tired easily, unable to concentrate, migraines, sleepless nights, or even feel restless even though you are sleeping enough. You may want to contact us for a consultation to find out how you can lower your risks, especially if you have young children below the age of 12 in your home.

10-20 points - You may be at some risk of being affected by wireless radiation over-exposure. While you are alright for now, you may want to implement some of the tips listed here to safeguard you and your loved ones. If you suffer from body aches, tired easily, unable to concentrate, migraines or insomnia, you may want to use some of our products to lower your radiation exposure.

0-10 points - Well done! You are at relatively lower risk of being affected by wireless radiation over-exposure. Keep it up!


The above Cellmapper video and Radiation Assessment serves only as a guide on your ambient wireless radiation exposure and does not reflect the true extent of actual exposure levels. Cellmapper may not always able to show all the cell phone antennas sites but it does serve as a very useful guiding tool. User of the apps can also download known sites to benefit others. Actual site assessment is always recommended.