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How we got started?

Wireless devices and mobile phone towers (examples of wireless devices - mobile/cordless phone, Wifi & bluetooth devices, GPS and smart meters) emits microwave/wireless radiation that can potentially cause cancer according to the World Health Organisation. They are of the same carcinogenic classification as DDT (Pesticides), lead, car exhaust and chloroform. It damages our blood cells and DNA. Other health effects includes reduce immunity, poor quality sleep, learning difficulties, autism, lower fertility, dementia and many more. Choizya advocates safer use of these gadgets and protect against both internal (home or office wireless gadgets/equipment) and external radiation (mobile phone tower/antennas, radiation from neighbors) that affect your working, living and leisure space.

Office /Home Radiation Level Evaluation Available.  Call now to book for an appointment at +65 6797823.  For Overseas evaluation please send enquiry to (Free shipping for all products sold in Singapore). Solution on how to reduce or eliminate your radiation exposure level will be proposed during the assessment.  

Join our Meetup group " Wireless Devices & Your Health" at to learn more about how wireless radiation affects you and ways to protect against it . Demonstration will also be shown in the talk. The next talk will  be on every Saturday 3.30pm - 4.30pm at 1 Scotts Road, #24-05, Singapore 228208. Call 66797823 or 97202682 to register and RSVP to avoid disappointment, price per person is $10 and seats are limited. Click here to go to link for the talk


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