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About Us

Choizya is a Singapore-based company and we provide solutions to protect against harmful wireless radiation emitted from wireless devices and equipment (mobile phones, cordless phones, tablets, baby monitors, Wi-Fi, mobile phone towers, wireless router, Bluetooth-enabled devices). Many of our clients have benefited physically by changing their wireless gadgets usage behaviour as well as using effective protection solution to reduce/eliminate the radiation from external environment beyond individual control. ( eg. Neighbours wireless router and Mobile phone tower). 

Choizya is founded by Max Chua, he is an Electronics & Electrical Engineer by training in the University of Surrey U.K. and was also trained on EMF health & safety in workplace and products from TÜV SÜD in U.K. Max has over 16 years of working experience and his last few roles were with several global foreign MNCs as head of strategy & marketing for Asia Pacific region. His personal health made him study the effects of wireless radiation on the human body. He has also hosted numerous talks and events at many major MNC's/Organisations, private clinics/schools, parenting and health groups. 

Our tag line "Our Dream,Your Well-Being" reflects the importance of sharing about the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on people. Our vision is to have a safe wireless world for all to live, work and play. We strive to achieve that by providing innovative solutions for the detection and protection against excessive wireless radiation.

Choizya is pronounce as  "Choi-zee_ya". It sounds the same as Choisya, a species of aromatic fully hardy evergreen shrub with abundant and fragrant flowers (Mexican orange blossom). It represents strength, delight, purity and health. The 6 interconnected rings of the flower logo symbolize strong bonding with customers, suppliers and friends. It also resembles the EMF wave propagation pattern radiating out in different directions reminding us that we are surrounded by them all the time and we can do something about it.  

Max's profile in Linkedin : Click here 

      TÜV SÜD UK trained on EMF Health & Safety