Useful Tips

  1. Do not carry your mobile phone in your pockets, or close to your body over a prolonged period of time (eg. working, jogging, gaming). Carry a normal pouch instead that helps to keep the phone at least a small distance away from the body.
  2. Do not hold devices directly to your ear during calls, especially during the first ring as that is when you have the strongest radiation.
  3. Limit mobile phone talk time, use speaker mode or use wired earphone or a “airtube” earphone.
  4. Avoid using bluetooth/wireless earpiece or mouse as it uses a similar frequency range as microwave.
  5. Do not sleep with your mobile phone near you and avoid placing baby/child monitors too close to the baby/child.
  6. Avoid/limit using wireless mobile devices in cars if possible (Faraday cage effect - the signal gets amplified and trapped inside the metal enclosure with tinted glass).
  7. Microwave radiation from mobile devices can affect those around you too (“passive smoking effect “) especially around infants, children, pregnant women and the old age. So avoid/limit using mobile phone in crowded public places and in trains/buses (Faraday cage effects).
  8. Do not leave your Wifi router constantly on 24/7, turn it off if you are not using it (especially during sleeping time, as our brain releases melatonin in the dark and during deep sleep - microwave have been known to suppress the level of melatonin).
  9. Use Ethernet cable instead of Wifi whenever possible.
  10. Use text messaging to reduce cell phone usage.  Phones emit less radiation when sending texts rather than voice communication.
  11. Use Airplane mode if you want to put your mobile phone in your pocket. Remember also to put the Wifi function off at the same time. 
  12. Call when the signal is strong.  When there are fewer signal bars illuminated on your phone it means that the phone is working hard to broadcast its signals.  Research indicates that radiation exposure increases dramatically when cell phone signals are weak.
  13. Use Dect/cordless phone that turn off their transmitters when a call is not being made.
  14. Invest in a good reliable EMF meter to help you detect this invisible source of radiation.
  15. Explore shielding solutions like fabric, paint and film if external EMF sources coming from neighbors and nearby mobile phone antennas are high.