How to protect your home / office against wireless radiation

Given the dangers of wireless radiation, the question naturally becomes what I can do to protect my home or office against radiation. The good news is that there are some easy steps you can take, as well as more advanced options available for those looking to thoroughly protect themselves and their family.

1. Distance is your friend
By identifying the sources of all the wireless radiation in your home or office you can make basic changes to increase the distance between you and them. Studies show the amount of wireless radiation absorbed into the human body significantly decreases with distance from wireless device. This means you can decrease your exposure by setting the devices up in an area where you do not commonly go or positioning your desk as far away from the source as possible. By leaving your phone on a desk instead of in your pocket, or not placing wireless laptops on your body you can reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to. Simply by becoming more aware of the various emitting sources in your surroundings so you can maximise distance from as many of them as possible.  

2. Don’t cut the cord
Wire it up or turn it off. Turn off unneeded devices when not in use and wherever possible use corded alternatives.  Corded devices are much safer and healthier for you than wireless devices. Cable everything where possible. Use wired keyboards, mice, and run ethernet cable for your office. Wireless routers can be a security vulnerability, as well as a constant source of wireless radiation. Turn the wireless off or put your devices in airplane mode after attaching the cable as this will stop the device from emitting unwanted wireless radiation. This includes printers, phones, speakers. If you can wire it up instead of having a wireless device, you can quickly cut down on your sources of wireless radiation. A computer with a wireless keyboard, a wireless mouse, wireless speakers, connected to wireless internet, and printing to a wireless printer can quickly increase the amount of wireless radiation you are exposed to. Additionally, emerging industries are stepping into this area to offer safe products such as radiation free headsets, and even radiation blocking blankets.

3. Invest in EMF shielding solutions (fabrics, film, paints) and meters
Finally, for those who may be remodelling their home, consider investing in quality EMF shielding film or fabrics for your windows, as well as EMF shielding paint for your walls. If you are aware you home is very close to a cell phone tower, or power plant consider adding EMF shielding to your next home renovation. If you are renovating a room due to expecting a baby this can be an excellent time to add these upgrades. Especially since children are far more vulnerable to severe health effects of wireless radiation than adults.

By being more conscious of your environment and making some small changes you can dramatically reduce the amount of wireless radiation you and your family are exposed to every day. We recommend investing in a good wireless radiation meter as it will help you to have a quick check of your ambient wireless radiation level as well as the best shielding solution for you. Choizya can help you with a professional radiation assessment and offer the best solutions for you, your family and your organisation.

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